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PDF Calendar

wall planner, month to view, and year to view calendars

Having had loads of fun over the years generating PostScript files from C programs and Unix Bash scripts, this was an experiment in understanding and generating PDF files directly from a C program without resorting to any of the Adobe tools. You'll need (the free) Adobe Reader to view or print the calendar. It was also interesting to work out the moon phases and special days such as Easter. See the Software page for more information on this tool.
The following form allows you to create month to view and year to view calendars or wall planners for printing at ISO A4 to A0 size. The calendar can be generated in a variety of colours and special days, including bank holidays can be added.
Selecting 'Small day numbers' on the Month per page calendar will give more room for notes. Themed photographs can included -- more themes will be added soon.
Dimensions of ISO paper sizes can be found by following this link. If you don't have a large format printer for printing wall planners, you should find most high street print shops happy to accept PDF documents -- taking files on USB memory sticks or the common CF, MMC and SD cards is normally ok.

Generate PDF Calendar

Calendar type:
Month per page Small day numbers
Wall planner
12 Months per page

Paper size:
A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 US

Portrait   Landscape

Include title (e.g. 2005-6)
Name public/ bank holidays
Shade public/ bank holidays
Name 'special' days
Include new/ full moon

Add theme (Portrait Month per page only)

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